Why Does The Stomach Get Bloated? Various Causes

Sometimes it will help to drink a tea that helps in digestion after a meal. This way you will avoid the feeling of bloating and you will get rid of excess gas. It is also a good idea to add spices to your food, as this will further aid digestion.
Why does the stomach get bloated?  Different reasons

Flatulence is not just a problem for our appearance. It is also a health problem that we must deal with before it develops into a chronic disorder. But why does the stomach get bloated?

In this article we will talk about the many reasons why you may experience bloating. We will also offer you some natural remedies  that can help solve it quickly.

Why does the stomach get bloated when we do not chew well enough

This is a common problem these days, because people usually try to get things done as quickly as possible. Many of us eat quickly while at work, often standing or while talking to someone, so we do not chew our food as well as we should. This makes it much more difficult for the body to process the food. This is because it slows down or stops digestion, which can lead to bloating among other discomforts. Chewing food thoroughly also has many other benefits. An example is that it makes us feel more satisfied so we eat less overall.

It is important to remember that the digestive process starts in the mouth, with saliva containing important digestive enzymes. The more we chew the food, the better it is processed by the body.

Intestinal parasites

Intestinal parasites are a major health problem, but unfortunately it is also very difficult to detect them. This is not because the parasites have no symptoms: it is because it is difficult to know if they are the cause of them. For example, parasites can cause nervousness, irritability, eating disorders, itching in the nostrils or rectum, and bloating in the stomach. Some people experience bloating because they ate something that the body did not like, but in this case you experience bloating no matter what you eat.

Removing parasites in a natural way is not easy. You need to drastically reduce or eliminate the intake of sugar and wheat products from your diet. These are the food of the parasites. In addition, you need to take supplements such as garlic, and include pumpkin seeds, coriander, spices and more in your diet.

You can also take probiotics to support the production of healthy gut bacteria, and try to avoid getting constipated as this can contribute to parasite infection.


Why does the stomach get bloated when we eat too much?

Even with healthy foods, if you eat too much or more than your body needs, it can cause bloating.  We should always stop eating the moment we feel satisfied.  The times we feel we still want dessert, even though we are actually already full, are good examples of overeating.

A good way to avoid this is by drinking a tea that helps facilitate digestion, instead of eating dessert. This can help prevent bloating, which we will explain about now.


There are some foods that cause a lot of gas, and some people are more prone to this problem than others. When this happens, we recommend that you drink a tea made with anise, mint and lemon balm, and that you add spices such as cumin and fennel in soups – especially those that contain beans and vegetables that are known to cause gas.


Food intolerances

Sometimes we experience gas because we have an intolerance to an unknown food. The most common scapegoats are gluten or lactose, and if we suspect that we have one of these intolerances, we must be careful so we find the correct diagnosis.

One way to figure this out is by eliminating these foods from your diet for a month. Then you will find out if you feel better, or if you experience less bloating as a result.

Why does the stomach get bloated from emotional problems

In addition to all the above reasons, some people have digestive problems due to emotional issues. This is because the function of the digestive system is linked to our experiences and well-being. In these cases, those who suffer will notice that their bloating is correlated with the days they feel more emotionally stressed than usual.

To help solve this, we recommend that you go to a therapist or that you explore homeopathy and other relaxing treatments. Some examples are massage, reflexology, yoga, tai chi, etc.


Why does the stomach get bloated when we eat unhealthy dinners

Dinner should be the lightest meal of the day. In the evening, the body does not have much energy left to digest food. If we notice that we wake up in the morning with a bloated stomach, it is time to change what we eat for dinner. Salads are quite healthy, for example, but it is better to eat them during the day or for lunch. It is better to eat boiled vegetables and sauces in the evening.

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