Types Of Fractures That Break Our Hearts

There are several types of breaks that can ruin us, but we should always keep our heads high and move on, since we only need ourselves to be happy.
Types of fractures that break our hearts

All marital breakdowns constitute pain that every person must learn to overcome in order to move on. However, there are some types of fractures that are more painful than others.

Today we will talk about the types of fractures that break our hearts.

A relationship that worsens over time and eventually makes a couple decide to separate because there is no more love or passion, (just a friendship) is not the same as when one partner is unfaithful to the other.

In the first case, the break-up occurs almost naturally, in a concerted manner. There are bands that have become more fragile, until they finally break completely.

In the second case, however, there is terrible pain and suffering due to the loss of trust that previously existed in the couple.

What types of fractures make us suffer in this way?

Fractures that break our hearts: One partner leaves the other

Fractures that hurt.

This type of marital breakdown is very common. One day your partner tells you they want to strike up and the world crashes. You did not expect this!

It is clear that this decision was not taken out of the blue, although this is how we often see it. There have been things we have not wanted to see, and things we have ignored, but the result is clear.

Some of the reasons why one partner decides to leave the other may be:

  • They have met and fallen in love with someone else.
  • It can lack passion. Now you’re just friends.
  • A partner does not meet your expectations. For example, one may not want to have children and the other partner may not.
  • One party was unfaithful or did not respect the other person in any particular way.

As you can see, there are various reasons why a person wants to end a relationship. However, we must point out that the kind of breakup that can break our hearts due to lack of passion in some cases is due to the fact that this only happens to one of the partners.

Even if a person is still in love and giving everything, the partner has lost the will to fight for some reason.

It may also be that the person has never been very much in love with the other person, and over time the relationship just has to end.

Woman behind the car window.

All of these circumstances lead to heartache for the person being beaten up with. No matter how painful it is, the end of the relationship is the best thing that could have happened. This is because it is an opportunity to learn and move on.

When there is emotional dependence

Although all types of marital breakdown we mentioned fall under “one person clashes with the other”, there is another group to which all people suffering from emotional dependence  fall.

Emotional addiction causes a person to have wrong ideas about what love is. The person is dependent on the partner due to his low self-esteem. The partner is the reason for the happiness they feel, and they would not be anything without them.

When the relationship ends, the life of the addicted person becomes empty again. Their life has no meaning and they have to connect to a new relationship without having gotten over the previous one.

This does not mean that the separation was not traumatic. They simply avoid the pain of jumping into a new relationship. However, the wound is still there since the heart feels broken.

Desperate woman.

Whether our partner breaks up with us or if we suffer from a terrible dependence on them and the relationship ends, it will seem as if our heart is broken into a million pieces.

Although a breakup sometimes makes us feel that our life is over, sooner or later we will realize that we can move on.

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