To Show Affection Is To Touch Another’s Soul

Love and affection allow you to establish bonds with your loved one and everyone else around you. It creates positive energy that has innumerable psychological benefits
To show affection is to touch another's soul

To show affection is to respectfully touch the souls of those you love, by using the right words and expressions and, above all, seeing others as part of who they are.

Zick Rubin was the first psychologist to research this topic in love and how it affects personal relationships.

This author also pointed out that there are small differences between showing affection and love. It is common courtesy to show affection and closeness to those closest to you.

However, the love you feel for a partner or a child is much more intimate and requires a different kind of affection. This kind of love strengthens the bond between you.

We invite you to reflect more on this today.

The psychology of showing affection, an art form from the heart

Experts in emotional psychology tell us that love is first and foremost a social strategy that allows you to create more intimate, meaningful and lasting bonds.

This is something that no one can doubt. In personal relationships – whether between friends, family members or partners – there may be one person behaving harshly or coldly. This person can create mistrust and, above all, unhappiness.

Your social brain is controlled by a number of neurotransmitters that allow you to “connect” with other people.

As an example, Oxytocin (also called the “love hormone”) is both a hormone and a neurotransmitter. It is one of the most important biochemical components. Oxytocin creates emotions such as love, affection, and the need for care and attention.

Oxytocin is the key to caring for an infant.

You may also want to know that although love is a fundamental force in the affective behavior of humans, it is also very common in animals. They also know the language of love and develop these feelings.

Affection and love are essential parts of life

Life without devotion is an empty glass

A life without emotional expression means that your personal relationships are not confirmed.

  • It is also important to remember that children who have grown up without affection, attention, or touch experience different maturity of their brains.
  • Fear, emotional stress and low self-esteem are the most common traits in children who experience a childhood filled with trauma or lack of love.
  • In the same way, adults can also experience these weaknesses. If your partner is unable to show you affection, respect and intimacy, you are the victim of some form of emotional abuse.

Distance, aggression, sarcasm, or even avoiding eye contact can build a wall between a couple, causing inevitable suffering.

Do not hesitate to show affection to those around you.

Devotion is a form of energy that flows between people

When you experience affection, respect and care for those around you, it generates a type of emotional energy that benefits everyone.

Creating this kind of positive energy will enrich you. It costs nothing and yet it is worth so much. This is why you should always try to practice the following:

  • Look at and pay attention to people who talk to you.
  • Listen with empathy and use affirmative words: I understand, I know, I understand what you are going through, you are right, I can put myself in your position…
  • Take advantage of these simple actions that trigger positive emotions: A smile, a touch, laughter, an arm around the shoulder…
  • Do not hesitate to use a calm tone, where you avoid shouting or showing contempt or contempt.

As you put these healthy behaviors into practice, do not feel that you cannot ask for them from others.

You deserve respect and should also benefit from these actions that contain true love. And everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing it.

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