Tips For Running After Being Home For So Long

It is important to accept your limits and not try to push yourself too hard to get back to running after being at home for so long. It is about minimizing the risk of injury. Here are some tips!
Tips for running after being at home for so long

The recent pandemic led many countries to declare the need to stay at home, and it can therefore be difficult to resume daily activities, such as running.

The detention period has varied by country. In some, people have been able to go out again to do physical activity. The problem is that it can be challenging and even too aggressive for the body after being at home and being inactive for so long.

Furthermore, many people run as a training plan for the first time. This is either because the gyms continue to be closed, or because it seems like a good way to get back to a workout routine. Today’s article gives you some tips for running after being at home for so long.

When and how should I run after being at home for so long?

A woman who runs.
Some daily activities begin to resume after a long period of confinement, running is one of these.

The most important thing to consider is that security measures vary from place to place. Some countries have established time slots to go out and train.

For example, some countries have specified opening hours between 06:00 and 22:00. In addition, people must go out on their own and no further than a kilometer from their home.

Unfortunately, the infections continue, and therefore people must continue to follow preventive measures such as social distancing and masks.

Useful tips for running

Before you run, you must be aware that it is normal not to be in the same physical shape as you were before you had to stay home for so long. For this reason, you need to start gradually and not overdo it during the first few days.

The authorities still recommend limited physical contact, and therefore some places remain closed. Thus, you may want to plan a route before taking a jog. It is also important to heat the home in advance to prevent damage.

It is best to start gently when you start running, then try a light jog for about ten minutes. You may encounter many people or just a few depending on where you are jogging.

Keep a safe distance from other people. In general, the distance must be about 1 meter.

Also, it can be difficult to pass someone, so just place yourself parallel to that person, and try as far as possible to keep the recommended distance of 1 meter.

Things to keep in mind

An exhausted woman.
It is important to start carefully, without exaggerating the first day if you have not been physically active for a while.

Know your limits and maintain a healthy pace according to them. Those who are not used to running must start doing it carefully without overdoing it on the first day. The same applies if you have not been physically active for a long time.

Above all, be careful and avoid the risk of injury as much as possible.

Also, remember that running is a habit, not something you do from time to time. Stretch your muscles properly at home when you are done.

In fact, the downside is almost over, but you must be aware that it is your responsibility to stay safe and healthy.

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