Thoughtful Thoughts Generate Anxiety

Pondering thoughts are the thoughts we are obsessed with, but do not find a solution to. If we do not choose to get rid of them, they will sabotage our well-being.
Thoughtful thoughts generate anxiety

Have you ever been lost in thought and ponder over “what if” and “should have done”? Thoughtful thoughts are responsible for bringing us to a state of extreme anxiety that converts to anxiety.

But why is this happening?

Some people tend to think about what is happening to them, things they have said, things that have happened, and how good or not all of it was.

These pondering thoughts focus not only on the past but also on the future. An unknown future where assumptions, doubts and negative beliefs abound can definitely lead to anxiety.

Pondering thoughts and misinterpretations

If there is one thing these brooding thoughts are good at, it is that they lead us to come to the wrong conclusions.

No matter what it is we are thinking about, it is strongly influenced by the fears, shortcomings, needs and other weaknesses that lie within us.

If we need others to be happy and to feel skilled and validated, then these brooding thoughts will echo in our minds.

We always focus on others and what they think about us and our actions. But where does this leave us? Where does our own opinion belong?

Low self-esteem is due to an insecurity that affects us in all areas of our lives. It leads to conflicts, guilt and erroneous thinking that make us doubt everything and everyone. This situation provokes something we do not want: rejection of others. And we focus so much on others that even the smallest things that happen, we consider as a disappointment, lie or betrayal.

But we are the ones who disappoint ourselves.

Thoughtful thoughts can kill you

Woman ponders

Pondering thoughts is a vicious cycle. It feels as if there is no end, as if there is no escape. In fact, people who suffer from these types of thoughts lack an important skill: bravery to make decisions.

The fact is that they do not say what they want or do what they want, because they know it will have consequences. This causes them to take refuge in their thoughts, which eats them up from within.

Little by little, the anxiety will create an echo. It will sneak up on them in every corner, and each time it will gain more control.

If it is not stopped in time, if you do not understand that it is a problem that needs to be solved, a snowball effect will occur, which makes the anxiety  bigger and bigger and can push you into a spiral of deep depression.

People who suffer from brooding thoughts sabotage themselves on a constant basis. They damage their self-esteem. They do not feel worthy enough.

The person is so out of touch with themselves that they need others to feel “connected”.  However, this is never the solution, but rather an aggravation of a problem they do not want to come to an agreement with.

It’s time to say goodbye to obsessions

Woman with anxiety

Meditating thoughts are nothing more than obsessions about a subject or a situation that provokes us to do things that we regret later. For example, if we are in doubt and have different thoughts that lead us to believe that our partner is unfaithful, anxiety will take over.

Then we start watching when he connects to social media, how often he thinks of us, etc.

Everything we “discover” will feed these assumptions, and they will become so obsessive that it will cause us to do things that are not part of our values.

Therefore, you should not get stuck in the tide of thought. These thoughts, which are unfounded and born of our own insecurities, hurt us.

We must learn to see them without judging, without trying to examine their motive, just see them and let them go.

When we hold on to these thoughts, it is when we begin to ponder them and they become obsessions.

Man who thinks

A thought can generate negative emotions

A thought can generate a negative feeling in your body, but embracing it, trying to justify it, and not letting it go can be the worst decision you can make.

If a thought attacks you and does not leave you alone, make a decision. Whatever you think about, your mind is trying to tell you something, so do something about it.

Obsessive thoughts accumulate repressed and silent doubts. Things that bother you that you do nothing about.

Holding it or holding on to it will only make you feel worse. When your body starts screaming, it’s time to dare to make a change.

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