This Capsule Can Treat Diseases For Several Months

A new capsule has been developed that can help treat several diseases for several months. Because it is larger than the opening in the stomach of the intestines, this capsule will not pass through with other waste, but will remain in the stomach and release medication gradually. Learn more!
This capsule can treat diseases for several months

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

It seems amazing, and even more so when we think of this small, complex medicine that treats people with chronic diseases who have been forced to take several pills every day for a long time.

Imagine just one dose that treats several problems in a certain period of time…

In fact, it has already happened!

Two prestigious medical centers discovered a solution: Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and MIT in Cambridge.

However, the researchers had another goal in mind: to find a new treatment for malaria. They were looking for a way to administer the medicine in just one dose. Now they have not only achieved that, but also opened the door to new opportunities in medicine and the treatment of chronic diseases.

Read on to find out more!

A capsule for “all purposes”

Everyone who has a chronic illness like arthritis knows that they have to take their pill every day for it to work.

If you forget one day or take it one day and not the next, it loses its effect. The “compliance” of the treatment is lost.

This is a common problem in older adults, for example. If they do not have someone who organizes medication and gives each dose to them, they can forget about it.

So how could science help?

A transforming pill

A transforming pill

The study was published in MIT’s journal. First, those responsible for the research, led by Dr. Giovanni Traverso, were looking for a new way to treat malaria.

This disease, which is always present in third world countries, requires multiple doses to work properly. This means financial expenses and major problems when it comes to administration.

The researchers developed a capsule for “all purposes” that unfolds almost like a small robot as soon as it is inside the stomach.

It grows in size. That way, it will not leave the stomach and move to the small intestine. There it can interfere with nutrient intake or elimination of waste.

This capsule, as soon as it is in the abdomen, expands to a width of 4 centimeters in the shape of a star. Then it stays there as long as possible. Later it breaks down and disappears.

The capsule contains ivermectin. This is a kind of anti-parasite that works with other polymers to do something amazing: to release the medication gradually.

A great future ahead with this capsule


As of today, this capsule will treat malaria and a wide range of tropical diseases, including those transmitted by mosquitoes.

At present, those responsible for the study indicate that when the patient ingests the capsule, they will receive treatment for a period of 15 days.

The goal is to extend this to 3 months.

After such positive results in the main purpose of the research, other types of medications will be created to address some of the most common chronic disorders. These include cholesterol, hypertension, chronic pain…

  • Pharmaceutical costs will go down. (Let’s hope this information will not be a problem for this industry).
  • Patients will receive more effective treatment without having to be careful with their doses.
  • We get a new approach to treating infections, and even psychological problems.

Let’s hope we’ll see these advances soon. Look out for them!

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