The Difference Between Love And Obsession

Is it love or an obsession? When love becomes an obsession, the other goes from complementing you to making you whole. You’re afraid of losing them. Learn more in this article.
The difference between love and obsession

Love is a feeling that is so intense that it sometimes gets out of control. It ends up being an obsession that sneaks up on us from behind. But how can you distinguish love and obsession?

It is not easy to recognize when you are trapped by obsession or when you really feel love.

Because of this, today we want to look at some fundamental differences between love and obsession. This helps us make it clearer and easier to see what is happening to you.

Love and obsession, what’s the difference?

The exclusive disease

The difference between love and obsession

Something happens when you find yourself obsessed with another person. You build a wall around the relationship that there is no way to get around.

This exclusivity drowns you. This happens because most of the time you want to control everything. As a result, you are full of doubt and on guard instead of relaxing and enjoying the relationship. Love, on the other hand, values ​​honesty between those in the relationship.

Obsession and self-confidence

When obsessions occur, it has something to do with low self-esteem. We are missing something. We need something we do not have. As a result, we become obsessed.

Do not lose yourself: you do not need someone to make you whole. You are a whole person. But when we talk about love, we are not talking about someone who makes us whole. Instead, we are talking about someone who complements us.

It is acceptance in love

The difference between love and obsession

The moment a couple breaks up, there is always a period of pain. You have to go through this. But sooner or later you will accept reality.

But with obsessions this is not the case. It’s a pain, but we can not let go. We remain trapped or bound. Many times we cannot reach acceptance if we do not go into therapy.

The other person is a human being

This should be obvious. But when we talk about obsessions, it’s not so clear. In these cases, the other person is like a property. They are something that belongs to you. This is so they can give you something you are missing.

In your heart you think of them as “committed” and that you can not live without them. Because of your need, they cease to be human and become a possession.

When we talk about love, we have the other person in mind. They can enjoy their rights as much as their freedom.

The purpose of manipulation

The difference between love and obsession

Sometimes one partner develops a lack of interest in the other in a relationship. If we’re talking about love, it’s making you sad. But you end up making a decision and accepting the breach.

But in the second case, this is not something that happens. Rather, it is used as a weapon against the other person. By doing this, they are trying to make the other person feel guilty about this lack of interest.

The importance of communication

Communication and empathy are fundamental elements for all healthy relationships. This helps everything to go smoothly.

But in situations where obsession is present, communication is absent. Instead, there is the fear that the other person may escape, flee, or leave us.

Because of this, you make it look like nothing is wrong. You pretend that everything is going well, so you do not see the reality of the problem.

The difference between love and obsession

Have you ever experienced these two forms of “love” or thought you loved? People who become too obsessed with their relationships end up being very hurt.

Their needs are not met. If it changes at any time, they completely lose control. They do not let anyone change or become anything else. They have given everything for the other person. But they have forgotten themselves. Then the only solution is to find yourself again.

Do you now know the difference between love and obsession?

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