Some Tips For Cleaning The Bathroom Effectively

Frequent cleaning of the bathroom is important for our health. Learn how to clean it effectively with products you can easily obtain.
Some tips to clean the bathroom effectively

Cleaning the bathroom is sometimes a frustrating task.

Apart from having to spend time doing it, the results often do not reflect how much effort we put in. In this case, it is quite possible that you may not be using the right methods.

Strong chemicals are not the best option for cleaning the bathroom, as many of them contain harmful substances. While cleaning, they are released into the air and can affect your health. This is why you should try to use less aggressive chemicals, as well as take proper precautions when using them.

However, there are some natural methods that are completely safe. The best part is that they are also very effective. Because of this, it is worth switching to natural methods for great results.

Here are some tips to clean your bathroom with ingredients that everyone can easily obtain.

Start with the toilet when cleaning the bathroom

Cleaning the toilet

The toilet is a place where most bacteria accumulate. Because of this, it should be cleaned daily. If you do not have time for this, you must use at least one toilet wash every day.

The inside of the bowl should be cleaned with a disinfectant containing chlorine. It is very important to wear gloves and a face mask for this. Just use a little inside the toilet and let it work for a few minutes. Then scrub with a brush and flush the toilet.

If there are stains or other buildup, the best liquid is to use vinegar. Make a mixture with equal parts water and vinegar. Then apply the mixture on the affected areas. Let it work for 10 minutes and then rinse down.

You can also use cola to achieve a similar effect. Pour it over the affected area, let it work for 30 minutes and scrub. Then repeat this process. This type of drink can also help clean the pipes.

The bath and the sink

The bathtub is another place where stains and residue build up. Vinegar is recommended in this case. Apply it with a sponge over the stains and let it work for a few minutes before washing it off with water.

You can also use paper towels soaked in clear vinegar. Lay them over the stain and let them work for 15 minutes before removing them. Then rinse with water.

In the sink you must pay special attention to the taps and the drain. It is best to use a broom. Clean them both well, inside and out, at least once a week. This way you never have blockages.

The shower and tiles

The shower and tiles

The main problem with the shower is the accumulation of lime. When this happens, vinegar is the answer again. Just make a mixture with equal parts water and vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle. Then spray all the metal parts in the shower with the mixture. Finally, clean all areas with a dry cloth.

The same mixture can be used for tiles. When there is salt, lime or stains, spray the mixture well over the affected areas. Wait five minutes and then clean them.

Sometimes the spaces between the tiles can look dirty when they are supposed to be white. This is due to an accumulation of dust and other dirt. To clean these joints, it is best to use a mixture of water and potash. Mix them in equal parts, moisten a toothbrush with it and clean between the tiles.

Cleaning mold in the bathroom

Cleaning mold in the bathroom

When cleaning the bathroom, you can not miss the presence of mold. It tends to accumulate in different places, such as the floor, door frame and corners. The best option is to use a mixture of the same amount of hot water, bleach and soap.

Apply the mixture with a spray bottle over all areas where you can see mold. Then use an old towel to clean the areas using a broom. If there is mold on the carpet, you should put it in the mixture. Leave it for a few minutes. Then scrub it well.

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