Sologami: The Trend Of Marrying Oneself

We all know what monogamy and polygamy are, but what about sologami? Discover what it means to marry yourself in this article!
Sologami: The trend of marrying oneself

Sologami, or the trend of marrying oneself, is a topic that is fashionable, especially for those who believe that their happiness does not depend on others. Traditionally, many people have believed in many myths about love. Therefore, they think they need to find their “other half”. However, this is beginning to change.

Now a new group of individuals has emerged who have decided not to base their happiness on others. In other words, they think of themselves as complete beings. This belief goes so far as to marry oneself. So far, more women are starting to practice sologami.

Sologami is not loneliness

Those who observe these attitudes from the outside often believe that those who practice sologami are lonely people or narcissistic individuals who do not know the happiness of sharing with anyone else.

A young woman smiling with her hands in the air.

However, it is worth noting that sologami is not loneliness or narcissism. Those who practice it have made it clear that they are in the best possible company: themselves.

In fact, studies show that loneliness, according to Sullivan, can be defined as “an unpleasant experience, associated with a lack of interpersonal intimacy.”

While other research defines this condition as “the absence of attachment relationships, that is, relationships that are particularly meaningful to the person and that provide a secure base.”

The thing about sologami, however, is that the safe base is not another person, but within each of those who practice it.

The reasons for marrying oneself

Those who look at sologami as the best way to give themselves love on, do it because they have committed themselves to love themselves without expecting this feeling from others.

Thus, they do not seek or beg for well-being, self-esteem and the fulfillment of love from another person. Rather, they get these things from within.

Although it is a fairly new trend, it is already beginning to spread across many parts of the world. So we can say that it is becoming more and more successful.

Those who marry themselves do so because they:

  • Do not think that their happiness depends on others.
  • Do not want a conventional marriage.
  • Observe the high number of divorces, but know that this will not exist for themselves. The only way to separate yourself is to stop loving yourself, which will never happen.
  • Do not believe in traditional marriages.
  • Will not experience crises that couples traditionally go through.

To marry oneself and legality

An important aspect to consider is that sologami currently has a legal vacuum, as it is not stated in current laws. However, this may change over time as more and more women decide to take on this commitment.

If this trend continues to grow, the judicial system may one day eventually include it.

How to celebrate marrying yourself

In this type of marriage, the main characters usually dress in white, invite their loved ones, bring witnesses and give speeches. The cakes are also usually attractive and huge. The bride rents a room, and in fact some women even go on their honeymoon.

A bride on her wedding day.

Engagement rings are not a problem. After all, when you marry yourself, you are giving yourself a ring of self-commitment! The rise of these celebrations is so rapid that there are even companies that cater to these people.

These companies are dedicated to planning everything related to the event so that nothing goes wrong that day, as well as collecting the stories of women who decide to take this big step. The most exciting part of these ceremonies is the reading of the vows.

Most women usually state:

Getting married to yourself is without a doubt a very interesting trend. These weddings can be held on the shores of a beach or in a church if you wish. Nothing is too much when it comes to showing yourself love.

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