Simple Tips For Fighting Bags Under The Eyes

Milk adds moisture to the skin and contributes to a younger look. Apply some milk with a little ice around the eyes to reduce swelling and dark circles. 
Simple tips for fighting bags under the eyes

Bags under the eyes make you look tired, but can often be covered with makeup. This problem usually occurs after a long night or as a result of accumulated fluid.

When we wake up and discover bags under the eyes, we often start looking for a way to make them less visible, and get back the natural glow of the face.

Fortunately, there is much that can be done to tackle and reduce this problem. And many ways to prevent it from going beyond your natural beauty and self-esteem.

Although there are many products on the market today that can help reduce the bags, it is not necessary to spend large sums of money to achieve the same results.

With the help of certain natural ingredients, you can get rid of the irritating bags under the eyes. Thus, you can continue to look amazing.

 Potatoes reduce bags under the eyes

potatoes reduce bags under the eyes

Are you up for a long time and struggling with bags under your eyes? Then you should start having a potato in the fridge that can be used when needed.

  • Cut up small slices of cold potato and cover your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes.

This ingredient has properties that reduce swelling and help reduce bags in a short time.


Milk helps to reduce swelling and dark circles that appear under the eyes. The properties add moisture and renew the skin at the same time as it cleanses naturally.

  • Soak two cotton pads in cold milk and cover your eyes with these for 20 minutes.

The milk will help eliminate accumulated fluid and freshen up tired eyes. It should be applied daily for best results.


cucumbers against tired eyes

Cucumbers are a classic treatment method for bags under the eyes and swelling. They are one of the most commonly used methods to alleviate these problems.

Cucumbers are rich in both water and antioxidants, which helps to both add moisture and reduce swelling and rebuild the fresh glow in your face.

  • Cut up two slices of cucumber and cover your eyes with these for 20 minutes.

Due to its anti-swelling properties, the cucumber will be able to reduce the visibility of these unwanted bags and dark circles in no time.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the best ingredients to use, both for beauty care and for the skin in general. This ingredient is great for adding moisture, reducing swelling and rebuilding the skin.

  • Mix a little water with a few drops of vitamin E oil, moisten a few cotton balls in the mix and cover your eyes with these for 20 minutes.

The result will be fresher eyes. And last but not least, you will give the skin around them extra moisture where wrinkles tend to accumulate.


chamomile against bags under the eyes

Due to its anti- inflammatory and restorative properties, chamomile is another great rescue for bags under the eyes. 

  • Soak two bags of chamomile in cold water and then cover your eyes with them for 15 minutes.

This treatment can be used up to 2 times a day, getting up and just before going to bed.

Egg whites

In addition to helping to remove dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin, egg whites also help reduce the visibility of bags under the eyes.

  • Remove the yolk from an egg and apply the egg white on the face with a brush. Try to reach only the affected areas without getting the whites of the eyes.
  • Let it dry and then rinse with cold water.



This simple treatment with the help of spoons helps to fight bags under the eyes, but is also known as a way to rebuild and soften the skin.

  • All you need is a glass of ice water and 4 spoons.
  • Place two spoons in the ice water and place them on closed eyes. Leave the other two spoons in the cold water while using the first two, so you can change spoons when they warm up on your eyes.
  • Change spoons every time they get hot and continue this treatment for a few minutes to reduce swelling.

If you want, you can also apply the cold spoons on the whole face for a toning effect.

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