Possible Causes Of Back Pain

One of the most common problems among the population today is back pain. It is caused by a number of circumstances, such as poor posture, lack of sleep, or excessive physical activity.
Possible causes of back pain

Want to know why you have back pain? Then you should read the rest of the article.

Possible causes of back pain

Anyone can suffer from back pain. However, there are various circumstances that can increase the risk, such as problems with the cervix, deformed vertebrae, etc.


 As you age, so does your spine. This is why you experience greater pain in the back due to the fact that legs and muscles weaken over time, when you turn 30 or 40 years old.

Exercise too little

People who do not exercise regularly or do sports are much more likely to suffer from back pain. A bad lifestyle is strongly linked to back problems.


People who are overweight often suffer from back pain

People who are overweight are very likely to suffer from back pain, as the back should carry your entire weight.


Hereditary factors can be the cause of back and neck pain. Be aware of family history regarding back problems in your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Arthritis of the spine and other disorders can often be caused by bad genes.



Smoking is surprisingly strongly linked to back pain

Smoking is surprisingly strongly linked to back pain. This is because the body of people who smoke have trouble distributing the right nutrients to the lower back. In addition, smoking can make it harder for the body to recover from injuries and fractures.

Medical history

Scoliosis, arthritis, kidney stones, fibromyalgia, etc. are all very common causes of back pain. If you think you are suffering from one of the mentioned diseases, you should talk to your doctor and get the correct diagnosis of the disorder and hence get the right treatment.

Lack of sleep

The diseases mentioned above combined with a lack of sleep will aggravate the back pain. Not sleeping enough, that the pillow is too thick or thin, the mattress is old and hard, poor sleeping position; There is a lot that can affect the quality of sleep and hence cause back pain.

This is how you can strengthen your back

One of the best ways to relieve back pain is by having a strong and healthy spine. Check out the following tips on how to achieve this:

Good posture

Good posture is vital for back pain and well-being. Do not squat (with shoulders forward and chest fully lowered) all day while sitting at work. Choose a good and ergonomically correct office chair that provides good support for the back, from the waist to the neck. Feel free to use pillows for extra comfort if you need it. The shoulders should always be in line with the ears. This strict posture may seem uncomfortable at first, but eventually you will notice a big change.

 If your job requires heavy lifting, always bend your knees to pick up the heavy objects . Lift with your legs and do not bend your back forward. It could damage the spine.


A good attitude is important

Exercise your back

There are many exercises that train the back. Weightlifting is not recommended if you have chronic back pain, at least not to begin with. The best exercises are swimming, pilates, yoga, cycling and walking. You only need to set aside half an hour per day for back training before you will eventually notice results. The exercise you choose will strengthen your spine, but also your health in general.


Stretching is important, especially if you have a sedentary job. Several times a day you should get up from the chair and make a few simple movements to prevent your back from being locked in one and the same position. Make sure you stretch your neck, waist, shoulders and head. Stretches should be done slowly and deliberately; Avoid sudden movements.

Raise your arms as if trying to reach the ceiling with your hands and twist your wrists. Turn the head from side to side, then roll the head from side to side. Some yoga exercises are excellent for stretching your back.


How healthy is your diet? What you eat can affect the health of your spine. If you eat a lot of protein, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats you will notice great improvement in your back. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B are especially recommended to relieve problems with the spine and nervous system.

You need to be aware of your sleeping position


You need to be aware of your sleeping position. If the mattress or pillow is too old or uncomfortable, you should replace them. If you sleep a lot sideways, you should try to sleep more with your back straight. To get enough sleep, you should sleep between six to eight hours per night. Bedtime should be a ritual: turn off your mobile and other electronic gadgets, go to bed before eleven o’clock and avoid working on schoolwork and other things in bed.



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