Others Are Your Mirror, What Do You Want To Show Them?

Have you considered the possibility that the behavior of those around you that irritates you so much is one of your weaknesses?
Others are your mirror, what do you want to show them?

Did you know that others are your mirror? What you see is a reflection of yourself. You may not have realized it, but  you always relate to yourself through others.

We’ll give you an example. Are there really things with others that bother your friends, but that do not  bother you ? This happens because they see something in others that is part of themselves. Because of this, they react.

The problem is that  we believe that what makes us react is not our fault.  We say it’s because of the other person. This is our first mistake.

If it was not a problem we had, we would completely ignore their behavior. This includes behavior such as lying, infidelity or any other characteristics that we consider abominable.

If others are your mirror, take advantage of it

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You may think it’s awful that other people are your mirror. Still, it is  an excellent opportunity to see what you need to heal yourself.

For example, if it bothers you that someone criticizes others, if you do not tolerate it, be aware! It is possible that you are too hard on yourself. It is also possible that you demand too much. This may be an indication that you need to change.

In another case, if you are suffering from your partner being unfaithful to you, or if you have been unfaithful to someone else several times, be aware. See if you feel unfaithful to yourself in some aspects.

Where do you not respect your values?

As you can see, your mirror does not tell you that you are a critic of others. It also does not tell you if you are unfaithful to your partner. Instead, it tells you about your relationship with yourself.

As a result, you need to interpret the situation based on the help of your experience.

Thanks to others, you see things in your mirror of yourself that you need to improve.

If your partner is very dependent on his mother, and this bothers you, ask yourself this: what happens to your relationship with your mother ? Do you really want to have a closer relationship?

Do not make others responsible for how you feel

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People usually put their happiness in other people’s hands. And they do this with other types of things. For example, we blame others for making us angry.

Regardless, no one can provoke a different reaction from you other than the one you want to feel. This happens unless they open an existing wound.

For example, your boss may tell you a way you can work better. If you feel very rejected by this, it may be because you have a large amount of uncertainty.

What each mirror says is what begins to focus on yourself. They focus on you and you start to make yourself responsible for yourself.

It is more comfortable for you to blame others for what is happening to you. Still, this unfaithful person who is bothering you is telling you something. It can also be something that directly affects you.

Because of this, in one way or another,  people always relate to themselves. All the good or bad you see in the other person that you have inside yourself. If this were not the case, you would not have seen it.

Your circumstances tell you that you need to change

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Sometimes people suffer because their friends never call them and they are always the ones who have to be there for them. Other times, people complain because they always stumble upon the same type of partner who ends up making them suffer.

If you feel pain, if something is not going well in your relationship, make the most of it.  Use this experience to be able to see things inside you that hurt you.

Because you always focus on others, you know how to read them. We do not believe that what is happening to us has anything to do with us. We also do not believe that these people are narcissistic or bad people.

You should focus on the things that the way you relate to what others are trying to tell you. Maybe you give too much and you do not give people space to do something. It can also do things for your relationship.

If you always end up dating the same type of person, you may not respect or love yourself. Maybe you are suffering from some type of addiction.

This is when you need to remove the blindfold.

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