Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Hallux Valgus Without Surgery?

Hallux valgus can be incredibly annoying. Do you know how to get rid of it? Find out more in this article!
Is it possible to get rid of hallux valgus without surgery?

Having hallux valgus, crooked big toe, can be very painful. But the pain can become even more painful after surgery. For this reason, many people choose to get rid of hallux valgus “naturally”, that is, without surgery.

Even more important than the aesthetic, most people who are affected by a crooked big toe can hardly stand the pain that occurs when they walk or when they wear uncomfortable shoes all day.

Because of this, they are looking for some homemade remedies to try to get rid of it, and it turns out that, “Yes! There’s!” If you are stubborn and disciplined, the following methods will help you get rid of hallux valgus and achieve the desired results.

Learn how to get rid of hallux valgus in a natural way

Woman with high-heeled shoes and pain

To get rid of crooked big toes without resorting to surgery,  you need to start by making sure your feet are comfortable. To do this, you need to wear lightweight, comfortable shoes. Where the protruding part is not pressed too hard or causes a lot of pain.

With comfortable shoes, your crooked big toes will bother you less and make your skin softer. We also recommend that you do not use pointed or high heels, as they make the position of the big toes worse. It is best to wear sandals, which give a little more freedom to your feet, if you have to go in something more formal.

Bare feet

Hallux valgus is hereditary and mainly affects women, but you can get rid of them by learning some good habits. Instead of wearing shoes, it is better to walk around the home on bare feet ; this helps to strengthen the joints of the toes and reduces the pain.

We also recommend that you walk barefoot on the beach, as it can actually be a form of exercise for your joints that helps to heal them completely.

Foot exercises

Get rid of hallux valgus with exercises

There are many exercises that are ideal for getting rid of hallux valgus without surgery. These manage to slow down the growth of hallux valgus  and inversion of the big toe, which often happens.

The most effective exercise is to stretch the toe and adjust it so that it is in line with the other toes. Then bend all your toes and press them firmly into the floor or against a wall so that they are pushed back. Do this exercise for approx. 10 seconds and repeat it three times a day.

Adjust the toes permanently

An infallible method of curing hallux valgus is to adjust the toes. For this you need to  wrap the whole foot in a bandage, (including the toes, in a normal position). And separate the big toe from the rest by crossing over, or putting on a separate bandage. Little by little, the toes will adapt to a better position, and stop the development of hallux valgus.

This habit will keep your feet in a better position. It is important to do this daily and make it a habit so that your big toes are less painful when you walk. If you are unable to do this yourself, it is best that you go to a medical specialist. And see if they can help you make it easier.

What not to do

Baltett dancer

If you suffer from hallux valgus and  want to get rid of them completely and without surgery, there are some activities you need to avoid. One of them is ballet, which, although a very pretty and elegant form of dance, also has negative consequences for the feet, especially the bones of the toes.

You should also be aware of activities that cause greater pain in your toes. The better you take care of your feet, the easier it will be to effectively get rid of hallux valgus.

You will be able to get rid of the bullets on your big toes only with these methods. Where you just need time and patience. That way, they will disappear before surgery becomes the only option.

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