How To Handle Criticism?

Can you handle criticism? It’s never too late to learn to face criticism, so it’s your ally instead of your enemy.
How to deal with criticism?

Criticism evokes emotions such as anger, irritation and sadness. Although many people can handle criticism, it is very difficult for others. It is never too late to learn to deal with criticism so that it becomes our ally instead of our enemy.

Therefore, today we will give you some important tips on how to accept what you feel when others give you their opinion and how you can redirect your feelings and deal with criticism in a positive way.

We need to be able to receive and handle criticism


Although we tend to reject anything that makes us feel bad, the truth is that negative things are very necessary. This is because they give us approval and allow us to learn and become more mature, which is always necessary. When criticism comes up in our lives, it is important to accept that our first reaction will be to feel angry, annoyed, confused or uncomfortable.

You will experience lots of emotions that will take control of you, but you need to be prepared to make a decision when dealing with them.

When these feelings arise, it is time to choose between three paths.

  • The first path, which many people always tell us to take, is to ignore the criticism. In other words, we ignore what we hear, turn our backs on that person or people, and move on with our lives. This choice has consequences. We can miss learning a lot because turning our backs on something we do not like is not always a good decision.
  • The second path we are constantly going through is that we feel sad and depressed.
  • The third is the most recommended trail to take. This involves dealing with  criticism in a positive way.

But how can you do this?

1. Have an open mind

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Criticism does not define you. It just points to something you do or think about. Therefore, it is important to keep an open mind when the feeling of anger or sadness passes. Criticism does not discriminate against you. This is exactly the same as thinking that failure makes you fail (something they certainly do not do)!

Then you should think about how you may have misunderstood these opinions that make you feel uncomfortable. Realize that they are in fact able to reveal some truth.

Therefore, the attitude you should adopt should be to communicate with the person who has given you the criticism. In this way , you see things from a new point of view that will lift you up and be of great help in similar future situations.

2. What was the critic’s intention?

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Keeping an open mind does not mean that you should take everything literally or believe that what the other person is saying is true. You should not do any of that. You need to discover their true intentions when they give you negative feedback.

Sometimes criticism is just meant to annoy you. Maybe the other person has not had a good day and lets this out on you, or maybe they are jealous because of what you have achieved.

Other times, criticism is meant to try to help you, and there is no evil behind the critic’s intentions. Because of all this, it is important to discover the true intention of the critic. This will help you to avoid misunderstandings.

Decide whether or not to make decisions based on criticism

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Have you found out that the criticism you received from someone was meant to help you? Then it’s time to decide whether or not to make changes in your life.

Sometimes you will realize that you can grow and become more mature by adopting a few simple changes in your habits, which will make you a better person. However, there will be other times when following the advice of someone who has criticized you will not do any good.

Only you can decide whether it is relevant to change based on an opinion or not. Don’t waste your time spending the whole night thinking about it if you are not going to get anything out of it.

How do you respond to criticism? Do you know how to handle it, or do you get the best out of it? Sometimes we become defensive because criticism destroys our ego, and we feel we have to stop it. However, adopting a different attitude can enrich us and help us a lot in terms of personal growth.


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