How To End The Relationship In The Best Possible Way?

A fracture is always more or less painful, and should therefore be carried out in as calm and mature a manner as possible. 
How to end the relationship in the best possible way?

What is the best way to end a relationship? Sometimes quarrels, problems and different opinions can lead to a traumatic breakup. But if it is possible, you should try to end the relationship in a healthy and mature way.

Think of it this way: When you choose to end a chapter in life, you should avoid emotions such as anger and frustration controlling your behavior. Let the situation become part of your life story, as a reminder of something that once existed. In this article, we give some tips on how to end a romantic in the best possible way, if you get into a situation where it is necessary.

1. When nothing works anymore: The last call to end the relationship

You always know deep down when it’s time to take the last call. When the relationship has reached the point where it just can not continue, both parties usually know that it is over. But it is always difficult to take the step and actually end it all. It’s hard to imagine living without the person who’s been by your side for so long. You have to go through it anyway, and be separated, maybe for good.

But why can I not decide?

  • You are afraid to tell the other person that you no longer love him or her or that you do not want to continue the relationship.
  • You’re afraid of being alone. This may surprise you, but many prefer to stay in a bad relationship to avoid being alone. This is a very immature but common attitude.
  • Poor self-esteem . You are unsure if you can express your inner feelings and end the relationship in a proper way. Some choose to instead of being brave, just go without any explanation. This is definitely not the right thing to do.

If you want to end the relationship in the best possible way, you have to take the conversation face to face with your partner and explain the situation.

Here are some tips on how to do this:

  • Clean up your mind before you meet; Be clear and explain in a proper way why you want to end the relationship. You may also want to think about possible answers to your partner’s questions. If you feel insecure and nervous, you should at least try to get mentally ready.
  • Formulate yourself in a calm and honest way. You know it’s time for the relationship to end. You have decided on this, that you must therefore express it.
  • The conversation can turn into an argument, so you need to be prepared for this. Try to stay calm and focused on what you have planned to say. Show that you know what you want, and that what you want is actually the best for both of you.

2. Control your emotions

You should be aware that the way you end a relationship is something you will remember for the rest of your life. So it is wise to try to make it happen as smoothly as possible.

If you end the relationship by screaming, accusing your partner of things, getting angry and expressing negative feelings , it will be much harder for both of you to get over the situation. You will have to spend more time overcoming these feelings, calming down and moving on. So if possible, try to make the break as mature and calm as possible. Be confident.

  • You should keep in mind that ending the relationship is best for both of you. Being sure of this will make you feel calmer.
  • Keep your confidence up. You know what’s best for you, and you need to convey that to the other person, and make them understand that the relationship does more harm than good.
  • You should also keep in mind that after the breakup is complete you will be left with a combination of unfamiliar, nervous emotions. It is completely normal. It is also normal to cry, feel sad, or feel crushed. This is part of the process, and you have to accept it. You should still try to avoid feeling too much anger or contempt, because these negative feelings will make it even harder to recover from the breakup.

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Acknowledge the breach and move on

There are many couples out there who, after breaking up, take a step back and decide to start over. All couples are of course different, and everyone has their own personalities and rules. But if you are absolutely sure that your relationship is only causing you pain, you need to close that door, for good.

  • By ending a romantic relationship, you are closing a chapter in your life. That is not the end. It’s a fresh start, and you need to convince your partner to realize it. If you have hurt each other , what’s the point of continuing to suffer? It’s time to be brave, jump into it and begin each their separate lives.
  • You will have to acknowledge your new lifestyle and at the same time deal with many old feelings that are still there. It is completely normal. Ideally, you should keep only the good memories. If you focus on the bad feelings, you will only make the feelings of anger and frustration stronger, which is very unhealthy in the long run.
  • Imagine that past is past, something that no longer exists. Hold on to the good you have experienced and remember this. Learn from what you have experienced and be proud of yourself. You have closed a door, but as a result, many new ones will open for you. You are wiser now that you know what is best for you and what you should stay away from. You’re stronger now.

Accept the fact that life is cyclical, seasons end and new paths emerge. We must always work to find our own personal happiness, and if you end up finding someone who will explore this with you, jump in. Love and happiness are always worth it.


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