Feeling Lonely In The Company Of Others

If we feel alone, it may be because we do not know how to relate to those around us. It could also be because they put us aside, and in that case it’s better to just walk away.
Feeling lonely in the company of others

Humans are social beings, which is why socialization and interaction with other people are so important. Feeling lonely, even in a sea of ​​people, can sometimes leave us confused.

Some of the reasons why we may feel lonely may have to do with a lack of social skills or on other occasions, that we do not know how to choose the right crowd.

Feeling lonely after isolating oneself

Feeling lonely in the company of others

There are moments in our lives when we feel compelled to isolate ourselves either by choice or by circumstances.

For example, after living through a serious accident, it is possible that someone may need to stay home for several months until they are completely healed. This can be an example of isolation from others.

However, there are other reasons that can lead to isolation. Depression or social anxiety can be a few examples.

The problem appears during healing. In the first example, after the accident; in the second, in the subsequent stages of depression or social anxiety.

It is in that moment when we again throw ourselves into the world, but panic can take hold of us because we feel alone, even with others.

We attend parties where we feel we do not belong and are unable to enjoy it. No matter how many people surround us, it still feels like loneliness.

The question we are going to ask ourselves is: how do we act in that situation? The normal answer would be to interact, to speak with ease… What exactly is the problem?

Maybe something went wrong. Maybe we lost some social skills.

Social skills are acquired

Feeling lonely in the company of others

Feeling alone can be the result of losing social skills such as interacting and socializing with other people.

As a consequence, we are overcome by insecurity and shame.

There are many people who also feel lonely in the company of others because they have never learned how to develop the social skills needed to interact with the people around them.

Another reason may be that you have low self-esteem, which means that insecurity and shame grow into strong walls that may seem impossible to tear down.

However, all of the above have a solution. We can regain social skills, just as we can gain and lose them.

When we enter a social setting, we may feel a little out of place, very uncomfortable and want nothing more than to escape. The best way to do that is to face our fears.

The more we confront it, the more we will free ourselves from discomfort.

Socializing with people again can help us recover social skills that we lost by being isolated, and it can also help us face the unfounded fears that make us feel inferior and insignificant when communicating with others.

There is only one solution for feeling lonely when you are with other people: Keep looking for social settings and meet them with courage.

What kind of crowds do you follow?

Feeling lonely in the company of others

If none of the above is the reason why we feel alone when we are with others, we must turn to analyzing our social setting.

It is possible that we have not noticed it, but the reason why you can feel alone may be that you are ignored, humiliated, made invisible or manipulated in some way

Many poisonous people camouflage themselves with unpretentious masks, and they easily catch us in their traps.

However, you may also feel alone because people in your group have nothing to do with you. In this case, it is normal to feel this way because such interactions do not make up much.

We must always choose people who share common interests that help us speak naturally. They should be people with whom we can share experiences and thoughts while we can learn to trust them.

Feeling lonely and alone is something we can change. We just need to observe and analyze the situation. Once we identify it, we can work to find a solution.

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