Fashionable “do It Yourself ” – Shopping Bags For Reuse

Help reduce rubbish on landfills and save money by making your own “do-it-yourself” shopping bags for reuse. They are very easy to make and perfect for fine-tuning your creativity. You will love them!
Fashionable "do it yourself" shopping bags for reuse

Making “do it yourself”, or so-called DIY shopping bags for reuse, is great for doing your part to reduce rubbish that ends up in the rubbish dumps. You not only save money, but also want to walk around the street and look quite stylish!

In addition, making your own bag is the perfect opportunity to have a unique item and customize it with your own style.

Sewing “do it yourself” shopping bags is not as difficult as you might think. You need some time, patience and some skill. However, your bag will be so pretty that you will start a new one after you finish the first one.

So let’s find out how it’s done.

How to make “do it yourself” shopping bags

"Do it yourself" shopping bags are easy to make.

Not only do you have to pay for the plastic bags, most of them also end up in landfills. Therefore, shopping bags for reuse can mean a significant reduction in garbage. Today we suggest that you take it a step further and create your own “do it yourself” shopping bags so that you do not have to buy them.


  • 2 cloth napkins, whatever you have in the house
  • 2 thick straps
  • Printed fabric for decoration (as much as you need)
  • Papp
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Chalk for marking fabric
  • Pencil
  • Buttons
  • A sewing machine
  • Iron

Decoration of “do it yourself” shopping bags for reuse

  • First you need to cut a paper towel in any shape you want.
  • Then place the cut cardboard mold on top of the printed fabric and use chalk to mark the shape of the patch. This is the beginning of your decoration.
  • Calculate about 3 cm. around to complete it with a fold.
  • Then iron the fabric patch and press the fold (it will be easier to sew it this way).
  • Attach the fabric patch to one of the napkins, and place it where you like it best (be it in the middle, in a corner, etc.).
  • Sew the patch in place using the sewing machine. You can do it by hand if you prefer. However, the last step should be done with a sewing machine to make it more resistant. However, if you can do it by hand, just keep going.

Handle bags

  • Once you have the patch in place, place the other napkin on top and fasten both napkins together around three sides of the square.
  • Then remember that the decoration should be in the middle of the two napkins, and that you sew on the inside of what should be a finished bag.
  • Then sew the three sides of the napkins you have attached. Pay special attention to which side will be the opening of the bag, so that the decoration will be the way you want it.
  • In the lower corner of the bag, attach a corner triangle. Then sew it to complete the bottom of the bag. Do the same on the second lower corner to round off (as in the first image in this article).
  • Finally, make a fold on top of the bag (the side that is open) and sew together with your machine.

The handles of the “do it yourself” bag

Now it’s time to fasten the handles.

  • Cut two straps of 30 cm. ( You can make them longer if you want. Just measure to the desired length and cut it to that length).
  • Attach the handles to the top of the bag.
  • Attach the handles that form a rectangle with the sewing machine, and then finish them with an X. That way, they will be stronger and more stable.
Shopping bags.

More design ideas

Using the indications above, you can create all kinds of “do it yourself” shopping bags for reuse in many different styles. All you have to do is let your imagination run wild, and soon you will have many different models to take to the grocery store.

Furthermore, you can use simple, thick white fabrics and paint designs all over. In fact, you can even make it a family craft day and let the kids help you! You do not have to be Picasso to create a nice design on a bag.

You can also mix and match napkins in different colors or patterned fabrics or whatever else you can think of to get very colorful and original styles.

If you do not think you can paint, write a funny or meaningful sentence. For this you can use markers for fabric. It’s simple and beautiful !

As you can see, it is not as difficult to make “do it yourself” shopping bags for reuse as you thought. Of course, make sure your machine stitches are strong enough. Test the bag before taking it to the grocery store to prevent unfortunate accidents.

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