Discover What Bach Flower Medicine Can Do For Back Pain

Bach flower medicine has no side effects and can help with back pain and emotion-related ailments. Learn about the benefits of this natural solution and how to use it.
Discover what Bach flower medicine can do for back pain

Bach’s flower medicine primarily treats emotional imbalances such as anxiety, fear, stress or sadness. However, they have another function that is not so well known, and that is their ability to relieve physical pain related to your emotions, which may affect you more often.

Here we learn about this little known power of Bach’s flower medicine, so you can reduce your back pain naturally.

What is Bach Flower Medicine?

Bach’s flower medicine is 38 plant-based essences obtained in different ways, depending on the type of plant. They help you balance your emotions naturally, without making you dependent on them or causing side effects.

They work gradually, giving your body the push it needs to overcome your feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, longing, jealousy, guilt or apathy in itself.

Anyone can take Bach’s flower medicine, even young children or people on medication, as they have no contraindications.

How do I take them?

It is strongly recommended to see a professional therapist trained in this medication to personally assess your case and determine which flowers are good for your personality, the life season you are in, and the pain you are experiencing.

However, since there is no risk if you make a mistake, you can take the flowers in case of pain and apply them yourself to the affected area. When you mix several together, you can combine up to 7 essences at a time.

Use them like this:

  • Internal use : 4 drops, 4 times daily, under the tongue or mixed with water.
  • Topical use : 4 drops, twice daily, applied directly to the affected area or mixed with lotion.


Pain is the body’s way of warning you. You should see it as a help, not a punishment, to fix something that hurts you before it becomes a more serious condition.

Therefore, it is a big mistake to just take medicine that will relieve the pain without looking for where it is coming from.

Although there is an injury or inflammation that causes back pain, there is always an emotional problem nearby that you should be aware of and treat.

Your back is your support and protection in life. Based on that premise, every part of your back should be treated according to your emotions.

Neck pain

When it comes to neck pain, it is related to the emotional support we give and receive. In this case, the following flowers can help:

  • Chicory : You experience too much obsession with your loved ones.
  • Holly : Feelings of rage, jealousy, envy often take over.
  • Lark : Gives you confidence and self-confidence.
  • Juggler Flower : For people who are afraid of being alone, losing their jobs, etc.
  • Horse chestnut : Solution for those who think things through.
  • Beech : Helps you to be more tolerant with people.

Upper back

The upper back holds the feeling of guilt you carry with you from the past. The most beneficial flowers for this problem are the following:

  • Pine : The most important solution to overcome guilt.
  • Horse Chestnut : If you can not stop thinking about something that bothers you.
  • Honeysuckle : Helps you live in the present and leave the past in the past.
  • Spring water : Excellent for helping you not to be so hard on yourself.
  • Field mustard : If you are down and apathetic and have difficulty living in the present.
  • Horse Chestnut Bud : Ideal for helping you stop making the same mistakes and instead learn from your experiences.

Lumbar spine

The lower back is where the fear of financial difficulties lives. There are various Bach flower remedies that can help you get over the feelings of fear, selfishness or injustice that have worried you:

  • Juggler flower : The most important flower for known fears related to money, work, family, etc.
  • Field Moon : When you suffer, but carry your fears in secret.
  • Red horse chestnut : When your big worries are about your loved ones.
  • Bait : Encourages you and gives you the energy to face a situation you do not feel strong enough to face.
  • Bittersweet : For those who are in a time of discouragement or defeat after going through a difficult time.

Give this unique, natural medicine a try! After all, it can not hurt!

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