Discover The Amazing Benefits Of Apricot

The benefits of apricots are many, but be sure to buy organic, to avoid consuming chemical substances.
Discover the amazing benefits of apricots

The apricot stands out with its high content of antioxidants. Therefore, many believe that the benefits of apricot help us maintain beauty and youthfulness, while giving us extra energy, with only a few mouthfuls. 

In today’s article you can find out all the benefits of this fruit, as well as some uses and interesting details. We will share different ways you can eat apricots : As it is, as a puree, dried, or in jam.

The benefits of apricot


The apricot, or Prunus armeniaca , originates from China. Today they are grown mainly in Turkey.

Among their many nutrients are beta-carotene, vitamin A (which provides their orange pigments), and minerals such as iron and potassium. Apricots are rich in natural sugar and fiber. 

We always recommend consuming organic apricots, as the commercial varieties can contain a lot of pesticides and other chemicals in the peel. If you buy the organic ones, you can eat apricots without any worries, as they only have a high content of nutrients.

Hunzaenes village

The Huns are an indigenous people in the Himalayas, known for their longevity and quality of life. Their diet, which is vegetarian, includes a large proportion of apricots – both fresh and dried.

Apricots are eaten by the Huns all year round. It is common for families to have their own apricot tree, which is a symbol of great wealth. In addition to eating fruits, they squeeze oil out of the seeds, which they use for cooking, candles and skin products.

However, it should be noted that stress and environmental pollution unfortunately contribute to health problems among these people.

Dried fruit strengthens bones and fights fatigue

The health benefits of apricot

You can benefit from the following health benefits of apricot:

  • Thanks to their high content of beta-carotene, there are many antioxidants in apricots. This will help prevent the aging process caused by free radicals.
  • Antioxidants are also a great way to prevent degenerative diseases.
  • They have an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces discomfort and pain. 
  • Apricots can help you prevent many eye conditions, such as retinal degeneration, night blindness, and vision loss.
  • The high content of iron, especially in dried apricots, makes them a wonderful treatment for anemia. 
  • Apricots contain potassium, which fights fluid accumulation that causes swelling
  • In addition , they reduce high blood pressure. 
  • This fruit improves digestion and prevents constipation.
  • Thanks to its high content of sugar and fiber, apricots are a healthy solution to avoid sweet cravings. Three apricots will help ease the urge to eat.
  • They help prevent leg cramps. 
  • They balance your nervous system and evoke a calm state when you are stressed or anxious.
  • Finally: Apricots help regulate high cholesterol levels. 

Other uses

In addition to the many health benefits of apricots, this fruit has many other uses:

  • Apricot oil is very beneficial for your skin, just like almond oil.
  • The seeds of this fruit are rich in vitamin A. This antioxidant is useful against certain eye and intestinal disorders, and it is a known ingredient in many natural, cosmetic products.
  • A famous Italian liqueur known as Amaretto, is made from apricot kernels.
  • But we should also point out that the apricot kernel contains certain toxic components, so you can not eat them. 
  • In addition, you should remember to eat only ripe apricots, to prevent indigestion. 

How should you eat them?

  • All natural: Apricots are a tasty fruit that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.
  • In addition , you can add them to smoothies, to get the wonderful, familiar taste, with a little acidity.
  • In jams and marmalades : You can prepare apricots with a little water and sugar, to get a delicious jam that you can spread on the slice of bread, put in yoghurt, or on biscuits.
  • Dried : Dried apricot is a superfood that is rich in nutrients, sugar and fiber. Naturally, they provide lots of energy, and are ideal for children, athletes, and many others.
  • Obese people should limit their intake of this fruit.

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