9 Reasons To Eat Avocado For A Healthy Body

Eating avocados has both internal and external benefits. It can help digestion, strengthen bones, optimize digestive health and even benefit your skin.
9 Reasons to Eat Avocados for a Healthy Body

Eating avocados should be a priority in your diet. In addition, they have good taste and texture, and they are full of fatty acids that contain extremely low levels of cholesterol.

Avocado is a very special fruit. All its varieties add a special flavor to the food and give an incredible consistency that is comfortable for everyone’s taste buds. They are delicious and provide many nutrients.

In addition, their calorie content is lower than you might think. The bulk of their fat content is a source of phytosterols. Want more reasons to eat avocado?

In this article we give you more.

Eating avocados promotes good digestion

9 Reasons to Eat Avocados for a Healthy Body

Thanks to their soluble and insoluble fiber, eating avocados contributes well to the digestive system. These two types of fiber are important for digestion. They help your body eliminate substances it does not need and prevent problems such as diarrhea and constipation.

When you eat a good portion of avocado, you help the food move more easily through your intestines. In addition, it helps to stimulate the stomach and digestive juices, which means that the nutrients are absorbed faster and more efficiently.

2. Helps oral health

Eating avocados also helps prevent halitosis due to indigestion or stomach problems. If you have bad breath and you suspect it is due to a poor diet, try eating half an avocado every day. If this really is the problem, it will disappear immediately.

Flavonoids, antioxidants and antibacterial properties in avocados also help eliminate the bacteria in the mouth. If that is not enough, you should know that this good food also helps prevent oral cancer.

Eating avocados helps with healthy skin

Avocados are full of nutrients that help you maintain healthy skin. They are able to enrich the skin when it is dry, irritated or damaged. For this reason, it is common to find a large selection of products based on this fruit.

Eating avocados provides your body with a large amount of vitamins, beta-carotene and lycopene. The best part is that you do not have to spend money on expensive beauty products! To complement your beauty routine, you can apply a mask occasionally, although it will not be necessary if you eat enough avocados.

9 Reasons to Eat Avocados for a Healthy Body

4. They help you with healthier eyes

Due to the content of carotenoids, eating avocados helps you protect your eyes from cataracts and other ocular diseases related to age and degeneration.

In most cases, these problems are caused by free radicals that accumulate in the tissues of the eye. The antioxidant activity of carotenoids neutralizes the effects of these dangerous substances.

5. They strengthen your heart

9 Reasons to Eat Avocados for a Healthy Body

Avocados contain beta-sitosterol, a compound that helps maintain low cholesterol levels. This means that eating avocados protects the heart from arrhythmia and arteriosclerosis. Avocados are also rich in potassium, which acts as a vasodilator that relaxes tension in veins and arteries.

Other problems that this fruit helps to control are:

  • Hypertension
  • Blood clot
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Cardiovascular problems

6. They improve vitamin K deficiency

A vitamin K deficiency is not a very common condition, but tends to be present in the neonatal stage. When you do not have enough vitamin K, you can have coagulation problems, which can be dangerous during pregnancy or in cases of anemia.

Because of this, it is a good idea to eat avocados to maintain stable levels of this vitamin. They contain almost 40% of the vitamin K that your body needs.

7. They fight arthritis

The anti-inflammatory properties of this fruit are one of the most attractive and valuable benefits. These benefits include a large amount of phytochemicals, flavonoids, carotenoids, phytosterols and omega-3 fatty acids.

To reduce pain and inflammation in joints and muscles, include half an avocado in your diet daily. You do not have to eat the whole fruit at once if you do not want to. You can split it between several meals during the day.

Eating avocados strengthens bone health

Carotenoids contained in avocados are closely related to reducing the breakdown of cartilage. This is one of the main symptoms of osteoarthritis. Eating avocados can help you reduce the risk of having this disease.

At the same time, their high levels of minerals (zinc, phosphorus, calcium, copper and selenium) have benefits for your bones and reduce the risk of suffering from, or worsening of, osteoporosis. This is because they increase bone mineral density.

9. They improve the absorption of nutrients

9 Reasons to Eat Avocados for a Healthy Body

The nutrients in fruits and vegetables assimilate better when combined with a slice of avocado. This combination helps you absorb antioxidants and carotenoids between 3 and 5 times better.

This is good news if you eat the recommended fruits that fight free radicals. Therefore, eat a salad or drink a smoothie that includes avocado, which can make your meals even healthier.

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