7 Possible Causes Of Eye Swelling

Our eyes can swell for many reasons. We will show you what the possible causes may be as well as what you can do to reduce the swelling with some practical solutions.
7 possible causes of swollen eyes

Our face is one of the areas in the body that is most visually affected by personal and external factors. The strong sun, constant winds, rain and other climatic factors gradually wear on this part of the body. Our eyes are actually the most exposed area. The eyes also swell quickly.

The skin that covers and surrounds the area is particularly delicate and is more prone to various problems.

However, internal causes often cause problems in the area around the eyes. From the moment we wake up, our eyes ask for proper attention, which is why we should start adopting habits that benefit them.

What causes eye problems?

From eating too much salt to depression, there is a long list of causes that can affect our eyes. There are many factors that can cause swelling in this area and we should be very aware of them. These can leave a mark that leads to inflammation in the area.

These are some of the most common reasons:

1. Fatigue

Swollen eyes - fatigue

This is a common problem. The lack of sleep manifests itself in various ways – our eyes are one of the first victims. Depending on the rhythm of our lives, stress can increase, and rest is one of the elements we sacrifice.

2. Inflammation of the eyelids

This condition is another common cause. When you wake up , you have probably seen some particles at the base of your eyelashes; it is actually bacteria. If we do not wash them, they can cause irritation and burning in our eyes. They are linked to several diseases in the area around the eyes.

3. Swelling of the eyes: Kidney disease

The eyes swell up - kidney disease

Contrary to what you may have thought, there are problems that have a negative impact on the eyes despite being far away from them. Glomerulonephritis and nephrotic syndrome are two possible causes of the problem because they cause fluid retention.

4. Allergies

If your eyes are swollen it may be a sign of another problem. If the swelling does not disappear after washing the face, nor over time, it may be a sign of an allergy. Conjunctivitis is one of the most common types. If your eyes look red for several days, you may have a case of conjunctivitis.

5. Causes of swollen eyes: genetics

The eyes swell - genetics

The influence of genes always shows in our physical aspect and tendencies. If you have family members with these tendencies, it is likely that you will also suffer from it without it necessarily being a health problem. Some things that come from heredity are inevitable.

6. Age

Time will always leave its mark on our body. No matter how much we try to take care of ourselves, there will always be things we can not avoid and the skin will show the biggest changes. Among these changes, our eyes will feel the impact of tissues and muscles that wear out over time.

7. Eyes swell: Crying

Swollen eyes - crying

This is inevitable. At some point in life, we have been through painful moments that make us cry as a way to release our emotions. At these moments , our tear ducts have to work at a faster rate than normal, causing inflammation.

What should we do?

We can alleviate most of these cases with some homemade remedies or by developing better facial cleansing routines when we start and end the day.

The most popular solution has to do with hygiene. You should always clean your face with cold water, which is the best option to reduce swelling in the affected areas. You should not just clean the problem area. If you take your time, an effective cleaning routine will be much more beneficial.

Fold a cloth in half and soak it with cold water. When it is completely moist, close your eyes and put the cloth on them. You can complete this process at home before going to bed. Not only do your eyes swell when you wake up, they are also affected by our daily lives. Leave the cloth for 10 minutes.

If you think the swelling is due to a circulatory problem, you can gently prick the eyelids with your index and middle fingers. This will cause the collected blood to move again.

Rest. It sounds simple, but getting 8 hours of sleep is not always enough for proper rest. Empty your mind before going to bed, avoid light and push your worries aside. Do not check your computer or mobile phone. You have no reason to wake up when you should not.

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