5 Subtle Ways To Harm Your Emotional Well-being

Did you know that you are one of the worst enemies of your emotional well-being? Stop procrastinating your dreams and start building your own happiness
5 subtle ways to damage your emotional well-being

Your emotional well-being is like a fragile glass plate that can break at the slightest touch. It does not matter how you look on the outside, how much you smile, or how often you say “I can stand anything” or “of course I’m fine”.

A person who seems to be strong on the outside can actually hide a complex inner world. Stronger people can also easily get tired of being there, because deep inside them the glass plate is cracked or broken. Fortunately, your emotional well-being can be repaired. If you fill every day with love and focus on the fragile plate, the sun will shine on you and encourage you every step of the way.

In today’s article, we will suggest the following: that you make a good emotional contract with yourself. All good contracts involve fulfilling an obligation. This will mean prioritizing yourself a little more, listening, setting boundaries, and feeding your own self-confidence. These things are easy to use, and it only takes the will and courage to do so.

It is also important to be able to discover the point where your emotional well-being is broken. We will explain this in more detail below.

Exhaustion that discourages you and puts you in a bad mood

There are many types of exhaustion. Physical exhaustion is related to short-term effort or can be maintained throughout the day.

You may also experience mental fatigue. Something as common as being alert for a long time, meeting your goals, or being in a demanding situation can wear you out. In this case, when we talk about your emotional well-being, it is also a kind of exhaustion that has nothing to do with physical effort.

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  • Anxiety based on unhappiness that builds up in your body and is not addressed. Sooner or later it is absorbed by your subconscious.
  • Letting yourself be led by the will of other people without defending your needs and rights can also wear you out.
  • Gathering disappointment after disappointment, feeling sad and not knowing how to deal with it, will eventually lead to exhaustion.

There is no doubt that these are indicators that you need to consider when it comes to your emotional health.

2. Saying “yes” when you want to shout “no”

Everyone does this to a greater or lesser degree. People adapt to opinions or wishes from others to fit in and belong to everyday context.

  • Doing this from time to time to achieve social balance will not have extreme consequences. The problem arises when this behavior becomes the norm, to the point that you begin to live a life that is the complete opposite of what you want.
  • Self-affirmation does not mean that you act selfishly or with arrogance. Saying “yes” without fear and “no” without guilt is necessary for your emotional health.

3. Emotional bonds that you have not yet broken

There are times in your life when you seem to be happy and successful in everything you do. But you still feel empty, a thorn in the flower.

Things that are so common that you can not let go of your emotional past can prevent you from moving forward.

  • Having unresolved issues with your family and maintaining previous relationships despite the fact that they are over are bonds that cause a lot of pain.
  • In order to take care of your emotional health, it is necessary that you effectively close these phases of your life. To achieve this, you must first know how to forgive.
  • Although forgiveness is not easy, it is important. Remember that accumulated hatred, anger or sadness only binds you even more to your past. You become a prisoner of your memories.
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4. Living in a reality that does not make you happy

Maybe it’s at work that you do not value yourself or feel satisfied. It can also be with your friends, a person in your family or your partner.

  • Every day you try to convince yourself that you should not feel this way. After all, “no one hurts you” and “everyone respects you.” Still, you are not happy, no matter how hard you try. Just having the desire to change this will not let you get rid of this feeling.
  • If this is what you are experiencing right now, stop and assess your situation. You can not move on when you do not feel satisfied.

5. Your emotional well-being is affected when you are your own worst enemy

Emotional well-being is not only affected by how the people around you treat you. Sometimes you can sabotage yourself and hurt yourself in the following ways:

  • When you do not value yourself and constantly compare yourself with others.
  • You sabotage yourself when you postpone your dreams, when you say “I can not” , or “I do not know” , or “My train has gone” .
  • You feel pain when you see problems where there must be solutions. When you see the end of the world instead of a new beginning.
  • You are attacking your emotional health as you continue to cultivate a toxic relationship instead of having the courage to say goodbye.
  • You become your own worst enemy when you do not love yourself the way you deserve to be loved, and when you focus only on your mistakes and defeats instead of relying on your abilities.
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Finally, remember what we said at the beginning: make a positive emotional contract with yourself, where your task every day is to take care of your self-esteem and build your own happiness.

It’s worth starting today!

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