5 Common Makeup Mistakes In Those With Small Eyes

Each of us has unique physical traits. If you have small eyes, take a look at these common makeup mistakes to avoid them.
5 common makeup flaws in those with small eyes

Small eyes, big eyes, thin lips, plump lips, prominent cheekbones, round cheeks… Each person has their own unique features, and the list we just described could go on and on. Makeup is a way some people highlight their best features. Today we will tell you about  the most common makeup mistakes people with small eyes make. 

Maybe you are looking for a way to use eye shadow, eyeliner or mascara to make your eyes look bigger. However, if you do not use these tools correctly,  you can make mistakes and not get the effect you are looking for.

So if you want to make your eyes look amazing,  keep reading for some helpful tips.

5 common makeup flaws for people with small eyes


If you think you have small eyes and are trying to use makeup to make them look bigger, check out these tips. Your specific eye shape plays a big role.

It requires good technique and skill to apply makeup in a good way. No matter how easy it may look on tutorial videos on the internet, do not be frustrated if it does not work for you right away. It takes time, patience and quality products to get good results.

Mistake # 1: Applying eyeliner on the inner part of the wet edge

Applying eyeliner on the inner part of the wet edge  will actually make your eyes look smaller. It gives the eyes a “harder” look. But if you use eyeliner on the outer part of the wet edge, it will make your eyes look bigger.

You should also  not use eyeliner with too dark colors ; use lighter colors to brighten the eyes (which make them look bigger).

Mistake # 2: Shaping your eyebrows too thin

Your eyebrows frame your eyes. So if you have small eyes, you should pay attention to what your eyebrows look like. You want  thicker, well-defined eyebrows.

Do not go berserk with tweezers or wax, as thin eyebrows will not make your eyes bigger, nor will they draw attention to them. If necessary, fill them in with a brow pencil in the same color as the hairs to create the illusion that they are fuller.

Mistake # 3: Using cream concealers

It is better to use liquid concealers because it spreads more evenly on your face. In addition, it minimizes fine lines.

Mistake # 4: Improper use of eye shadow

Eye shadow can act as a double-edged sword : it can either help you or ruin your entire make-up. If you use dark eye shadow, your eyes will look smaller.

We recommend using more than one color, ideally your complimentary colors. Always use a lighter color on the inner part of the eyelid, close to the tear duct, and  use a darker color on the outside for depth and dimension.

Mistake # 5: Using low quality mascara

It is frustrating to put on mascara, and see lumps and that the eyelashes stick together. Therefore, it is  best to go for quality cosmetics. Lumps and overly thick lashes will make your eyes look smaller.


Tips and other common makeup mistakes

Finally, we have compiled a list of several makeup flaws.

  • Using too much eye shadow and exaggerating the “smokey eye” effect. The result will be that the eyes look even smaller.
  • To use too much makeup in general. Do not overdo the use of foundation, eyeliner, eyebrows, lipsticks, false eyelashes, etc. “Less is more” is still a current motto to follow.
  • Downward lines. Draw all the lines upwards to a certain degree, otherwise you will look sad.
  • Too thick eyeliner. This will actually be against its purpose, so try to make the line thin and elegant.
  • To use light colors and not combine them with darker colors. Complimentary colors are better, and this applies not only to your outfit, but also the eye makeup.

If you have these tips in mind, your eye makeup will be spotless. Do not forget to go for quality makeup too, because the  health of your skin and eyes depends on it.

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