4 Healthy Ways To Increase Your Metabolism

It is very important to eat 5 meals a day and to include physical activity in our daily routines. One hour a day is usually enough.
4 healthy ways to increase your metabolism

You probably know more than one person who can eat what they want and not put on an ounce. How do they do it? Having a low or high metabolism is almost always a genetic condition. However, you can put certain strategies into practice to help regulate and increase your metabolism naturally.

What is common is that we can have a high metabolism, but when we reach a certain age we begin to notice that we gain weight and that it is much harder to lose those extra pounds. There is no need to be desperate, nor to throw in the towel. You just need to change your habits and include the following tips in your daily routine to increase your metabolism.

1. Say no to low calorie diets

empty plate

This is the first mistake we usually make when we want to lose weight: we decide to eat less, and we prepare meals with zero fat and zero carbohydrates with the idea of ​​following this restrictive diet. But do you know what the consequences are for your body with this? Read and learn:

Minimum calorie intake

It is important to remember that the  minimum number of calories should not be less than 1000-1200 calories. If we eat less than this, we slow down our metabolism, and we will experience that we do not lose weight, at the same time as we endanger our health. It’s not worth it!


A restrictive diet prevents us from achieving the proper glucose levels required by our brain, muscles and body in general to perform its basic functions. Be careful!

We lose muscle mass

Is it true that the skin becomes flabby when we lose weight? Few things are so troublesome, and this is basically because we follow a restrictive diet that makes us feel hungry and the body therefore has to get food from other areas. Do you know where the body picks it up first? In the muscles. If you go on such a low-calorie diet for a long time, for several weeks, your body will end up getting its food from the cells in your lungs and heart.

2. Say yes to breakfast to increase your metabolism

Healthy breakfast

Eating breakfast is basic and important to start our metabolism. It is without a doubt the number one tip that you should add to your list if you want to lose weight in the healthiest way possible. You should keep in mind that the body should regulate its levels of glucose and insulin, and if we give it a good amount of nutrients from the moment we get up in the morning, it will not need to “store” energy in the form of fat in the muscles or on stomach.

Note some basic aspects that you should know about breakfast to speed up your metabolism.

  • You should never eat breakfast for more than an hour from the time you get up. If we go beyond this period, our metabolism slows down and what we then eat will usually be “stored” and not burned.
  • Drink a glass of warm water with lemon on an empty stomach. This way you will cleanse your body and add a good amount of vitamins. Then wait for 15-20 minutes before eating breakfast.
  • It is very important that you include protein in your breakfast. For what reason? Because it makes it full, it makes the muscles strong, and it provides the energy that the body needs to start the day.

Remember these foods that you can include in your breakfast and that will help increase your metabolism:

  • Green tea
  • White tea
  • Ginger infusion
  • Black coffee
  • Green coffee
  • Oatmeal
  • Egg
  • Spinach
  • Natural Greek yogurt
  • Green apples
  • Pears
  • Grapefruit
  • Walnuts
  • Avocado

3. Include exercise of varying intensity in your daily routines


We are sure that you include some healthy exercise in your daily routines, such as walking for half an hour. But for many, this is not enough to increase their metabolism.

What is the solution? We need to train our body with more activities, simple exercises that will “jump-start” our body, and that will help us activate metabolism.

Note the exercises that you should do every day:

  • Walk for 30 minutes
  • Run for 10 minutes
  • Go up stairs (this is something simple that does not take much of our time – it is just a matter of choosing the stairs over the elevator in our daily routine)
  • 20 minutes of other cardiovascular exercises, such as dancing or aerobics

All this will only require one hour a day.

Eat little and often during the day

food in the office

If we have inherited a slow metabolism from our family, the biggest mistake we can make is skipping meals if we want to lose weight. By choosing not to eat dinner or breakfast, the body will go into “alarm mode” and decide to store fat since it does not receive enough nutrients.

However, if we offer our body small amounts of food 5 or 6 times during the day, the body will find a good balance. Do not hesitate to include foods that have little or no refined flour and sugar in your 5 or 6 daily servings, and exclude ready meals. Replace this type of food with fresh vegetables, healthy proteins and healthy fats from oily fish and salmon ; It is also important that you drink at least six to eight glasses of water every day. This will help you eliminate toxins and increase your metabolism.

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