14 Remedies Against Heavy Metals In The Liver

The water from the tap can sometimes be contaminated by the pipes. The lead in the polluted water the body can store over time.

Heavy metals:  why is it important to remove them from the body? They must be removed because they are toxins; toxic substances that damage the cells and make us sick. Most heavy metals accumulate in the liver and over time will create serious health problems.

Therefore, it is important to know how we can detoxify the liver properly. Heavy metals damage not only the liver, but also the brain, kidneys, intestines and immune system. So, why not start today by following these simple tips?

1. Why it is important to remove heavy metals from the body

Drink water against heavy metals in the liver

What about the inorganic heavy metals? The so-called inorganic toxins are the ones we get in us through what we eat, but also through pollution. Sometimes working in factories and similar places where heavy metals are processed is enough to significantly damage health.

Sooner or later, you end up with diseases if you do not remove the toxins that have accumulated in the body. Do you know where the heavy metals settle in the body? In the lymphatic system, and most of all, in the liver. This is a major health risk.

2. Which heavy metals are the most common in the body?

This is sure to surprise you. Sometimes, even though we live a healthy life, we end up getting heavy metals in us in completely ordinary ways. Urban pollution, the water we drink, or chemicals found in many types of foods  are the most common sources we get heavy metals from. Below we have a list of common heavy metals:

  • Arsenic: the most harmful substance for the body. Do you know where you can often find it? In tap water. Problems arise with the use of pesticides and natural filtration. This is a serious problem. We come into contact with other types of pollutants by working in environments where this substance is found.
  • Lead: we usually get this in us via contaminated water pipes but also via pesticides found in various types of foods and vegetables.
  • Mercury: Do you know how we get mercury? We get it when we eat contaminated fish and seafood.
  • Cadmium: this substance is found in many types of fertilizers. Without being aware of it, we end up consuming cadmium daily when we eat fruits and vegetables bred with fertilizers rich in this dangerous heavy metal. Although there is no cause for major concern (as the values ​​of the drug are generally low), ingestion over extended periods can be dangerous. Therefore, it is important to know how to detoxify the body.

14 remedies for heavy metals in the liver

Remedies against heavy metals in the liver

1. Start the day by eating garlic on an empty stomach. To do this, you just need to wash and peel a clove of garlic and divide it into three small pieces that you are going to eat with a glass of water. You do not have to worry about the strong smell. Afterwards you can drink some lemon juice and the smell will disappear. You can also chew gum with xylitol to remove the essence of garlic from your mouth. There is no doubt: starting the day with garlic on an empty stomach is an excellent way to remove heavy metals from the liver.

Dandelion:  How about making a healthy tea or decoction of dandelion after lunch? Dandelion is one of the best plants you can use to detoxify your body.

Artichoke water: you should use this remedy twice a week. To make artichoke water, take two artichokes and boil them in a liter of water. Once the artichokes have softened, remove them from the water. You can drink this decoction throughout the day. That’s wonderful! An extra tip might be to have some lemon juice on top. Then the drink gets even more healthy benefits.

Chlorella: This is a single-celled algae that is great for the use of detoxifying the body. Where are chlorella products found? In health food stores or in stores that sell organic food.

5. Chlorophyll:  found in products sold in health food stores or grocery stores with organic selection. It is an excellent natural resource for treating the liver. It detoxifies and strengthens the immune system.

Coriander: From now on, do not forget to include some coriander in your salads and soups. Why? Because it helps maintain the immune system and removes mercury, aluminum and lead from the body.

7. Grapefruit and orange juice: these two make an excellent combination of vitamin C, which helps us detoxify the body. You can drink a mixture of these two juices every morning. You’ll love it!

8. Oatmeal: another excellent choice for breakfast. Oatmeal is rich in zinc and selenium; two minerals that help maintain the immune system and remove heavy metals.

9. Whole grain rice: another alternative rich in zinc that takes care of your health. It tastes good and is a fantastic help in the detoxification process.

10. Peach: this juicy and tasty fruit is full of vitamins and minerals that are perfect for removing heavy metals.

11. Broccoli: You should know that broccoli is one of the vegetables that helps the most in the detoxification of the liver. It is important to remember to buy only organic broccoli, as they have been grown without the use of pesticides.

12. Raw spinach: is very rich in chlorophyll. If you eat spinach raw, you will benefit more from its wonderful, healthy properties.

13. Brazil nuts: they are delicious! They are also rich in zinc and selenium, two ideal minerals for removing heavy metals from the body.

14. Onions: have you eaten onions today? Have you had onions in the salad? Remember that onions are rich in sulfur, an excellent tool for neutralizing and removing heavy metals such as aluminum.

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